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candy & mints

Canyon Cultivation Fruit Chews
Chewy gummy candies in strain specific fruit chews. Flavors include sour cherry, watermelon lemonade, strawberry passionfruit and CBD 1:1.

Canyon Cultivation Hard Candy              
Hard candies in Blue Raspberry, Boysenberry, Citrus Medley, Fruit Punch, Lemonade, Sour Apple, Sour Lemon, Strawberry, Triple Berry and Watermelon. 100mg THC.

Canyon Cultivation Infused Suckers
Single serving suckers in boysenberry, sour grape, strawberry lemonade. 10mg THC total. 1:1 THC to CBD suckers available in lavender lemonade and caramel apple. 10mg THC:CBD total.

Cheeba Chews
Chewy candy available in Chocolate Taffy and Caramel.  Sativa, Indica, Hybrid and CBD.  80mg THC.

Dixie Gummies
Citrus Blast and Tropic Twist gummies. 100mg THC. Synergy Watermelon CBD gummies.

Dixie Mints and Synergy Mints
Awakening Orange Mints and Relaxing Peppermints 80mg THC.  Mixed berry synergy CBD mints.

Edipure Tie Dye and Ta Ta Gummies
Vegan, Gluten Free, and NON-GMO infused fruit gummies. Flavors include Black Cherry, Strawberry Lime, Georgia Peach, Wild Strawberry, Watermelon Patch, Island Pineapple and Goofy Grape.  100mg THC and CBD.

Incredibles Fruit Chews
Sour gummies available in Indica, Sativa and Hybrid. 100mg THC.  Strawberry CBD gummies.

Lucky Tablets
Candy tablets in fruit punch, lime and peppermint.  100mg THC.

The Growing Kitchen Chill Pills
Available in Indica or Sativa 100mg THC.  Also available in CBD. 

Wana Edibles
Sour Gummies available in Indica, Sativa and Hybrid, Watermelon, Peach, Mango and Blueberry.  100mg THC.  Strawberry Lemonade Gummies. 1:1 THC to CBD .

Zoots Rocks
Hard candies in berry and lemongrass, caramel, tart green apple.  5mg THC per piece. 100mg THC total.


1906 Chocolates
Go Beans and High Love Beans chocolate covered infused espresso beans 100mg THC and 100mg CBD.  Gourmet Go Chocolates, High Love Chocolates, Pause Chocolates and Midnight Chocolates 30mg THC and 30mg CBD.  Bliss peanut butter chocolate cups 10mg THC and 10mg CBD.

Blue Kudu Bonbons
Infused Milk and Dark Chocolate bonbons. Flavors include peanut butter and vanilla bean caramel. Available in Sativa, Indica, and 1:1 THC to CBD.

Blue Kudu Chocolate Bars
Sky Island, Alpine Glacier, Black Forest, Canyon Lands, Craters of the Moon, Isle of Capri, Jungle Roast, Mesa Skyline, Polar Caps, Tierra del Sol, and Zen Garden.  100mg THC.

Coda Specialty Chocolates
Gourmet chocolate bars available in Dark Chocolate Fire & Orange, Dark Chocolate Salt & Nibs, White Chocolate Cream & Crumble and Snap & Spice 1:1. 100mg THC.  Also single serve hot chocolate.

Coda Truffles
Gourmet chocolate truffles available in Crescendo, Forte and Serendate. 60mg THC.

Dabba Chocolates
Mint milk chocolate bars available in Indica and Sativa.  100mg THC.

Dixie Chocolate
Milk Chocolate bars in Indica and Sativa and White Chocolate Birthday cake bar. 100mg THC.

Incredibles Chocolate Bars
Affogato Bar, Boulder Bar, Mile High Bar, Monkey Bar, Orange Bar, Pistachio Mint Bar and Strawberry Bar.  100mg THC. Black Cherry and Cookies & Cream Bars.  1:1 THC to CBD.

cookies, brownies & other yummies

Lucky Turtle Buzz Honey
Single-serve THC-infused honey.  10mg THC.

Ripple Dissolvable THC
Fast-acting dissolvable THC. 100mg THC, 1:1 and 20:1.

The Growing Kitchen Cookies
 Chocolate chip cookies available in Indica and Sativa. 100mg THC.

Wanderlust Specialty Chocolates
Peanut Butter Filled Chocolate Covered Pretzel, Chocolate Smothered Caramels and Chocolate Smothered Cream Filled Cookies. 100mg THC.

XG Platinum
Chocolate truffle, Bavarian cream, Peanut butter, and chocolate chip cookie bites. 100mg THC.

Zoots Brownies
Chocolate brownie bites. 60mg THC.


Clockwork Coffee
THC-infused coffee mix available in THC and 1:1. 

Dixie Drinks
Infused drinks in Fruit Punch and Half and Half. 100mg THC.

Stillwater Infused Teas
Mellow Mint, Gentle Green and Blissful Black Tea.  10mg THC and 2.5mg doses.

Vitacanna CBD Shot
Cherry vitamins, CBD and THC-infused shot.  10:1 ratio of CBD to THC.  80mg CBD and 8mg THC.

Elixirs & drops

Dixie Drops and Synergy Drops
Liquid THC. Available in Vanilla, Ginger Mango, and Watermelon. 100mg THC. and Liquid THC:CBD drops.  1:1 THC to CBD. 10 mg in each drop.  50mg THC and 50mg CBD.  Available in Vanilla, Cinnamon and Watermelon.

Dragon Elixir
Oral tincture super food elixir. Cannabis essential oils high in THC, CBD and CBN.  2 ounce bottle.  100mg THC.

Incredibles Wellness Tincture
Purer. Stronger. Better. 1,000mg CBD to 100mg THC.

Lucky Turtle Tinctures
Elevate (THC), Balance (THC:CBD) and Restore (CBD) drops. Available in Green Tea, Lemon and Watermelon.

Mary's Medicinals Remedy Tinctures
Liquid THC:CBD and CBD drops. 

Strainz Tinctures
Liquid THC and CBD drops.  Available in 1:1, 1:5 and 20:1.

Tablets & capsules

Stratos Tablets
THC-infused tablets available in Energy, Relax and Sleep and High CBD.  100 mg THC.

Wana Capsules
Extended release formula. Available in 1:1 THC to CBD and 10:1 CBD to THC.


 Wide selection of edibles, chocolates, hard candies, and more.