Melissa Vitale, a 26-year-old publicist in Brooklyn, smokes a joint every time she masturbates. 

“Cannabis is one thing that helps me escape my brain and focus on the feelings of my body rather than the million things running through my head,” she said. “I’ve always found that whether with a partner or solo, cannabis always heightens the experience, so when I smoke weed, it’s never a quick act but rather a dedicated journey of self-love.”

Dee Dussault, a 39-year-old in Los Angeles who founded the cannabis-enhanced yoga companyGanja Yoga, uses cannabis “to relax and enjoy more sensitivity in sex,” and DeJanae Evins, a 27-year-old cannabis educator and entrepreneur, also in Los Angeles, said smoking before masturbating is “like letting the oven preheat to just the right temperature, right mood, right state of being.”

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