Two years ago I was on a weed tour in Washington state when I was given a piece of cannabis history: a mylar bag with two grams of flower harvested July 3rd, 2014—some of the first-ever legal weed sold in Washington.

The strain was Pitbull, from CannaSol, and the weed was so first-ever-legal, the brand name on the bag was literally “Legal Weed.”

With such an historical artifact in my hands, I knew I had to smoke it. I decided I’d wait until July 3rd, 2019 to smoke it and see if five-year-old weed still gets you high. But because I’m a stoner, I forgot while smoking fresher, better weed, and the date sailed.

So on year six, all alone in my apartment during a global pandemic, it was time to finally crack that bad boy open.

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