In this age of legalization, various organizations are supporting our nation’s veterans by providing medical cannabis.

When California’s Prop. 64, the measure that legalized recreational marijuana, went into effect in 2018, it disrupted a long legacy of compassion in the state’s cannabis community. For years beginning in the 1980s, heroes such as Brownie Mary Rathburn, Dennis Peron, Ed Rosenthal and countless others provided cannabis to patients battling AIDS, cancer, and other serious diseases. Their freely given work and compassion, in fact, were the impetus for the movement to legalize medical marijuana in California and beyond.

But legalization changed much of that. Due to an oversight made when Prop. 64 was being drafted, no allowance was made for cannabis producers and dispensaries to legally gift medical marijuana products to people in need. Overnight, caring medical marijuana providers who had been helping those unable to afford their medicine had no legal way to facilitate their compassion.

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