Founder and CEO gives current timeline on opening

As October ends, nearly three months have passed since the Town of Cedaredge officially chose the two applicants who would be issued retail marijuana licenses, thereby allowing those applicants to start marijuana dispensaries in town.

PUR CannaBliss (Antyn Heatley and Janice Prosser) and High Q (Renée Grossman) were chosen by the Cedaredge Board of Trustees with use of a pre-determined scoring system, while The Kind Castle and Tipsy Twigs were denied licenses.

The DCI previously featured PUR CannaBliss in the article “A new era begins: the PUR CannaBliss story,” which can be found at The other license awardee, High Q, unlike PUR CannaBliss, is not local, not new, and it comes to Cedaredge as the fifth location in the High Q franchise, all which is exclusively in western Colorado.

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